Blog — Sunday , 13 September, 2020

Blog — Sunday , 13 September, 2020

September 7 to September 13

Kawashima continues to work on the drawers that are going under the main house sole in the starboard guest cabin. There were lockers here (probably from the 1950s), but the original drawings showed drawers. So we took out the lockers and reinstated the sets of drawers.


The crew is giving parts of Cynara a thorough polish before taking her out.


Hashimoto is finishing up the cupboards that will hold the cups, and tests the cutouts that include space for the cup handles (below)



Tatsumi has completed making the doors for the cabinets under the washstands.


Hashimoto has the task of shellacking all the cabinet shelves (above and below).



Lewis is finishing up one of the compact seats that fit next to the bed in the two aft guest cabins.


The crew took the winch apart for maintenance, removing the old grease and applying new.

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