The storm passed without doing any damage to the tent, and Wednesday dawned calm and clear. Work on the rudder, the rudder shaft and the steering gear continued.

By Thursday, installation of the heavy timbers of the stern chock cheeks, where they take on a low and swooping curved shape to join the stern chock, was almost complete. All of this work was done by Paul and Nico. It was a complicated bit of work, given the complex curves, the weight of the individual pieces and the fact they had to be fitted leaving no gaps. It still needs a final hand-fairing and sanding before varnishing.

And the shipwrights working on the interior have taken huge strides forward. Lewis and Hashimoto have been working together on the bulkheads. Lewis has been building shelves for the cabin closets.

On Friday, it was cold and rainy again, but Cynara continues to look more beautiful every day. Varnishing of the mast is still underway, and hatches and other deck fittings are being given some final touches before varnishing.


The wheel trial fitted to the steering gear.


The beautiful knightheads made by Mattis.


Wada continues fine sanding between coats of varnish.

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