This week saw the installation of the bowsprit. Billy prepared the block and tackles to get the spar from the ground and into the scaffold, yesterday, and this morning shipwrights Paul and Ben, along with Bill and Chuck the rigger—worked in unison to get it in place, paying close attention to clearances on either side of the hole in the bow.

The bowsprit is made of Douglas Fir, otherwise known as Oregon Pine, the same wood as the main and mizzen masts. With everyone’s help, it fits perfectly, and the graceful shape of Cynara’s hull and bowsprit can finally be seen. Very soon now she will be ready to enter the water.

The team previously finished the primer and under coats of the hull, and last week saw the application of the first layers of her white gloss coats.

Pascal from France and Ian from South Africa are fitting the propeller shaft. Of course, it’s not as simple as that, as there is a gearbox, then a constant motion joint, then a stern gland followed by a long propeller shaft casing that penetrates the stern post. The engine drives the shaft via the gearbox (forward and reverse), the gland stops seawater from entering and the prop provides the “grip” in the water. Though mostly hidden below the engine room floor, this is how Cynara performs under power.

Meanwhile, after weeks of work, Graham, who hails from Ireland, has been putting the finishing touches to the rudder. He now has it mounted with just the right amount of “feel” in the steering gear mechanism, and is rightly looking very satisfied with the results.

Last week the bilges were filled with water to test the water tightness of the lower bilge area. Richard marked the problem spots on the outside of the hull, where sealing will have to be done.


Mattis is preparing the roof of the main deck house.


John is installing an access hatch that will be used to service the cable junctions near the base of the mast.


Pascal is caught in action with the stern gland packing. This keeps the seawater out as the propeller shaft rotates.


Graham poses proudly with the rebuilt rudder.

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