After being spray-painted in an elegant dark blue color, chosen by Mr. Watanabe, the mooring bitts, fairleads, and hardware for the bowsprit are being laid out on deck in their various positions. The varnishing team is taking a break from mast varnishing and is now focusing on applying varnish to the bulwarks, coach house bases, etc., using the techniques they learned from the professional shipwrights. The sandpapering is repetitive and very laborious work, requiring the craftsman to keep his body bent over while sanding along the curved shape of Cynara’s brightwork for hours.

Ben is in charge of the installation of the pipes, ducts, and other equipment under the floors. Much of the interior work has to be carried out simultaneously, but the team is working efficiently in the limited space and time available. Furniture, much of it original, is temporarily installed to check for best fit, then removed for fine adjustments, restoration, and varnishing. The colors in the superb flame mahogany paneling of the saloon and corridors are beautiful and elegant.

Later this month, the rigger team will arrive on site to complete the mast, and prepare the rigging.


Toshi, the furniture designer / cabinetmaker is fitting the retaining strips which hold the cupboard door insert panel in the frame.


The capping rail is held using mortice and tenon joints.


Nico, our Italian shipwright, is making winch bases in teak for the 9 winches to be fitted on deck.



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