Monday, June 3, 2019

Ben is leading the last-minute preparations for the interior lead ballast loading that will take place tomorrow. The area was painted, and Ben shaved the lead bit by bit in order to make the shape of the lead fit perfectly.


There’s a story behind this faded section of interior paneling. This is the spot of a medallion that was attached during Cynara’s years in Japan was attached. When we removed it, the surface underneath showed the original finish. We suspected that the original interior paneling was shellac that had yacht varnish applied on top some time ago. We wanted to recreate the original finish, so we send some samples for analysis to Letterfrack, a conservation company in Ireland that handles estates, and museum-quality restorations. They informed us that we were right—the original finish was shellac and a modern varnish had been applied on top. This guided us in the restoration of the panels to their original condition.



Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It was a very big day, starting first thing in the morning.


At 8 AM, the ceiling sheet was removed, and the new ceiling material was first lifted up to the roof by a crane.


From around 11am, the generator was lifted up and installed on the ship.


Work on installing the interior lead ballast started after lunch . . .


. . . with the crane lifting the heavy lead pieces . . .


. . . and Richard Burke directing lowering them into the proper place.


With Ben in place insuring that everything went smoothly, all seven pieces were put in place this afternoon.


Meanwhile, work onboard continued with more carlings being fitted (above), and work on the ship’s interior being done in the tent next door (below).


The installation of the new ceiling sheet will be completed tomorrow, and the masts should arrive on Thursday. The week will continue to be busy, with Chuck scheduled to arrive on Saturday.



Wednesday, June 5, 2019


Some beams had yet to be installed so there would be room to lower the ballast and generator. Today, with the crane work completed, those beams were finally installed, along with more carlings.



Thursday, June 6, 2019


The masts arrived safely, all nine of them in one 21-meter box. The driver of the truck said people all along the road were staring as he went by.


All the contents were taken out and checked by Paul, who confirmed that there was no damage.


The masts were moved to their own purpose-built tent, where Chuck will start working next week.


Richard Sills is building plywood mock-ups that will be used to make the complicated shapes of the tanks.


The skylight over the passageway is being restored in the workshop.



Friday, June 7, 2019


A new Japanese member joined the team today. Tatsumi has been making Buddhist altars at a furniture company, and it’s the first time he’ll be working on restorations.


Richard puzzles over a pattern to position the windlass on the foredeck.


Sections of a steel web frame is being lifted on deck. We frames are used at the mast and midship to add strength to the hull.

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