June 25 to June 30 , 2018

Another strake is fitted, with the rivets and dumps hammered home by our newest recruit, Mattis Voss (above). He is a German-born Irishman and a highly skilled shipwright.


Hashimoto is helping with the fastening when a strake is fitted. He is a talented joiner, but is getting a more rounded experience on other areas of yacht restoration.


Nico is giving Wada a crash course in bunging unwanted holes in the planks, which is not as easy as it sounds. There is a process to follow and each repair must be watertight.


Raw white lead powder is ground to a fine dust and mixed with washed chalk and linseed oil to form a paste (above).


The hand-made naval brass dumps (or ship nails) were made in France by Gregory Ryan (using an original one as a pattern). Each is wrapped under the head with oakum and the white lead paste is added to create a good seal with the timber.


Our laminating office is now in full production, and single frames for the stem and stern are coming out at a good rate. Wada and Pascal (above and below) have finetuned the process.


With the shaft log dry fitted some careful measuring is needed to find the center for the propeller shaft. Frame futtocks are used to check and hold its position while Lewis takes measurements (below).

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