March 19-25,2018

One of the laminated frames, ready for its bevels.


Pascal (above) grinds the head from a rivet. The bung hole is thoroughly cleared, and care is taken when the rivet is driven out not to damage the edge of the hole on the exterior of the plank. A spotter outside stops the work if it looks like the head of rivet might damage the hole. Our success rate of 99% wasn’t bad, since there are always one or two rivets that refuse to play by the rules.


Kawashima is making a repair in the keel (above), while Richard checks a plywood pattern of the bronze plate against the boat (below).


The copper alloy plate, probably naval brass, is a historical remnant of a repair done many years ago. We are refitting it to help reinforce the area around the mast base.


The plate presented some issues as we need to drive plank fastenings through the plate. Richard is marking the holes (above) so that the correct fastener can be used for each hole; some of them are for rivets and others for dumps.

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