January 9,2021

Cynara’s doors are all original and are being fitted back into their original frames. As the ship lost its shape over the years, doors sometimes stuck shut or refused to close. Those doors would then be cut or have their edges planed so they would still function. In some cases, the alterations were quite extreme. The door in the photo was missing a lot of material from the lock side, as it had been planed down to repair a distorted frame. To straighten this edge for the now square frame, the mortice lock needed to be fitted deeper into the door. This required slightly changing the position of the handle and key hole. Old mahogany salvaged from other parts were used and new holes cut in the correct position. The handle rose and escutcheon, when fitted, will cover most of the repair but using old mahogany means that there will be a good color match. In the end, the repair should not be too visible.


Wada applies a final coat of varnish to the deck tables


The end of the day, with Mt. Fuji on the horizon.



January 10,2021


Hashimoto installed flush ring pulls for lifting hatches in the passageway sole, allowing access to the bilge area.



January 11

Saito installed non-slip material to protect the tableware from rattling and getting scratched in the saloon cupboards.


Tatsumi was checking the cupboard doors in the galley.


The engine room bulkhead is exposed behind the main deck house steps, and teak is used to close the gap behind the steps. Paul is installing soundproofing in the space between to muffle any potential engine noise into the deck house. The sound proofing is hidden behind the steps that lead out to the deck.

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