Monday, August 10, 2020

Kawashima is building the framed panels that close off the hull of the ship and create a cabin side. The frame work is all traditional, with the wood joined with mortice, tenons and wedges, exactly like the original ones. Of course, they have to account for portholes as well.


Paul is installing the lifters for the skylight windows over the saloon. Winding the handle lifts and closes the window. These are original parts that have been restored and nickel-plated.


Tatsumi is working on the doors to the glassware cabinets.



Tuesday, August 11

Tatsumi is fitting the doors into the cupboards . . .


while Wada is shellacking the cupboard linings . . .


and Shingo sands the pattresses preparing them for shellacking. The ones that have already been installed in the deck house look great with the refurbished light fixtures. (below).



Saturday, August 15

We’re designing the cupboards to fit the tableware that they will hold, following our detailed measurements.


After making sure all the cupboard doors fit and the pattresses are all made, it’s time for final shellacking.



 Monday, August 17, 2020

The shelves of the tableware cupboards have to be made the right height for the items that will be stored.


Time to varnish the top of the bathroom sink counter that will go in the owner’s stateroom.

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