October 2017

The keel bolts were removed, cleaned and measured. Of the 18 keel bolts, only three of the main ones and two smaller ones at the stem ended up being replaced, even though some were slightly bent. They were sent for inspection using a dye which shows any hairline cracks that might be invisible to the naked eye. The nuts were replaced.


It was clear that the iron clips that connected the keel bolts to the iron floors were corroded beyond repair (above). We made wooden models (below) that were sent off to Topp & Co. in the UK so that new clips could be forged, along with the floors. The wooden patterns only recorded the principal dimensions. The sharp edges of the pattern were eliminated in the forging process.



Late summer and autumn is typhoon season, and we were hit with a fairly large one on October 17. The storm surge swept over the marina and carried the main boom away. (It was later found underneath a beached boat across the bay.) In the above photo, the storm surge has reached the side of the shed, 100 meters away from the edge of the dock.


The high winds shredded the roof of the tent (above), and gave the boat a soaking. Otherwise, it was undamaged.

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