July 15, 2020


Above: Tatsumi is repairing the doors of the cupboards in the main saloon, so that they can be assembled following the original design. These cupboards are all original, but the delicate glazing bars were damaged, and need repairing.


A sudden downpour caught us by surprise with the skylight open, and Wada had to get to work drying the interior.


Makoto has finished varnishing the interior cabin windows and is now doing the other side and the deckhouse floor.


The main companionway stairs have been fully restored and are receiving several coats of varnish.



July 18, 2020

Paul is repairing the base of the Main Saloon table. The legs and the weight box have been restored, polished and are ready to go. Paul and the team have been thinking of ways to salvage the top, but it may be damaged beyond repair. It had a Formica surface glued to it, (probably a remnant of sixties’ “style”) which also hid some deep scars. Can we justify the amount of work that would have to go into it? Tough call.


Literally every part is being made by hand.


Murata is varnishing some of the glazed doors.


Shingo is sanding the deck house interior, preparing for varnishing.


Masa is fitting the top of a clothes locker in the midship starboard cabin. The air conditioning has now been installed and is cooling the ship, though the vents have yet to be added. You can see an electrical panel at the back of the locker.

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