December 21,2020

Tatsumi is installing latches and handles on the pocket doors that connect the staterooms to the heads. The doors are only 30 millimeters thick, with only a few millimeters of clearance on each side, so the handles were difficult to find. That’s unusually thin for a door, particularly for a pocket door. We finally found these handles at Timmage Marine in the UK.


The painters and the joiners need good communication so that painting does not delay fitting and vice versa. To reach some of the narrow places, they have to cut the brush handles.


Some of the harbor staff came to help with polishing.



December 21,2020

Kawashima finished installing the drawers for the chests in each cabin. One of the units was original, three were newly built.


Hashimoto installed ball catches on the cupboard doors in the saloon.


Pascal is wrapping up the plumbing work for the toilets and sinks.


Tatsumi finished installing the opaque glass doors in the deckhouse. The doors allow access to the opening windows on the sides of the deck house, while allowing light and air into the cabins below. The glass allows light into the deck house interior while the opacity preserves privacy for the cabins.


Wada and Usui are varnishing the cupboards in the galley.

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