November 16 to 23

Kawashima is setting out the hull lining in the captain’s cabin. Before its final fitting, the cables and ducts have to be finished before the hull lining closes them off.


Wada and other painting team members are varnishing the inside of the galley cabinets.


​​Hashimoto made the wall panels for the galley, which now has the sink dry fitted. The final fit will be done after the plumbing is all in.


​Wada is preparing to varnish the deckhouse.


Hashimoto did a dry fit of the wall panels in the galley.



November 24 to 30


Paul is instructing Wada on the varnishing process for the deck table.


Wada and Usui varnished the deck table under Paul’s instruction. The finish was done by brush, not spray.



November 26 Sail Training

Sail Training


Weather: Cloudy

Wind: North Northwest 6-10 knots

Waves: .2 to .5 meters



Pascal is squeezing himself into the bilge to connect the toilet and shower next to the crew’s quarters.


​ Tatsumi is installing the hanging locker door in the starboard aft cabin.


This is the original key box that was in the crew’s cabin before restoration.


​Kawashima is preparing to install the cable for the light switch in the captain’s cabin. The cable is concealed behind the mahogany columns of the door frame.


Hashimoto is adding cabinet dividers in the galley.


Tatsumi is installing the opaque glass windows in the deck house.

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