November 3 to November 7

Paul and Hirai are discussing the shower ventilation for the showers in the owner’s and guest cabins. We’ve made special ventilation panels, but a box needs to be built to attach the fan ducting to the panels.


Hashimoto is making panels for the top of the cabinets in the galley. They will fit the space between the deck beams.


Back in the crew’s shower room, Tatsumi is putting in the molded cedar boars that will seal and cover the hull planking.


The shellac on the hanging locker in the crew cabin is being cleaned back for a fresh coat after electric cables scratched it during the electrical installation connecting them to the panel at the back.


The bars of naval brass have just been delivered. They’ll go over the glass on the skylights and need to be fitted and polished to a final finish.


Tatsumi is getting started on the washstand in the crew’s quarters.


Koiwai is varnishing one of the pattresses made by Paul that go behind the wall light fixtures (below).


In the tent, finished drawers are everywhere, awaiting the completion of interior work before they are installed, to prevent any damage from scratches, etc. All have been matched with their correct keys. It’s hard to imagine the number of places that these will go.

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