September 2017

We continued cataloguing and storing items from the interior. The ingenuity of this folding sink (above and below) was fascinating. It is now displayed in the ship’s museum on the Seabornia Marina site.



The remains of the beautiful nickel plating on the bronze cleats are still visible on these originals. These were set aside to be cleaned, restored, polished and reused.



Lewis took out the mast step for cleaning and restoration with a chain hoist. He also helped set up the joinery shed (below) next to the large shed that housed Cynara.


 In the joinery shed we stored interior parts (mainly the pine panels), some of which would be restored. The rack that is visible above was used mainly to house the white painted paneled bulkheads. (We were optimistic at the time that some could be stripped, repaired and reused. Because of changes in the layout, and the fact that many had suffered from water damage, in the end they were used for reference.)



The deck house was also stored in the shed. Here, the peripherals—the glass, the sliding hatch, etc.—are being removed.

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Restoration by RIVIERA GROUP

Restoration photos by Yoichi Yabe & RIVIERA GROUP

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