October 5 to October 11

The fixtures have been installed for the sinks (above) and showers (below).



Hashimoto has been cutting holes to install the electric switches.


Makoto is stripping and cleaning the old shellac from the door panel moldings.



Usui and Koiwai are stripping the varnish which was applied over the years on top of the original shellac. Removing the varnish requires some aggressive treatment to get down to the original shellac, which is removed more carefully. The finish of the interior is all being done in shellac.


This shows the surface before restoration with varnish added over the original shellac surface.


This is what the interior looks like after the surface has been stripped, cleaned and given a fresh coat of shellac.

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Restoration by RIVIERA GROUP

Restoration photos by Yoichi Yabe & RIVIERA GROUP

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