January 13,2021

 Yokokawa, Fujita and Saito were preparing for the next day’s sailing.


Wada is teaching crew-member Fujita how to varnish. Build-up coats offer a good opportunity for learning, but it is a skill that takes time to master. The top coats are done by the more experienced members of the team.


Hashimoto and Pascal worked on the galley. The woodworking of the shelf is being done by Hashimoto, while Pascal focuses on processing the stainless steel plate that goes around the microwave oven and deflects heat away from the woodwork and the hull.



January 16,2021

The team had a meeting to discuss hanging the doors, which have been refinished and are ready for the rest of the mortice locks, handles, roses and escrutcheons to be fitted (below).



January 17


Tatsumi begam making doors for the cupboards in the crew head.


Hashimoto is preparing to install the microwave oven in the galley.


Kawashima is working in the captain’s cabin, lining out a small locker under the bunk and fitting drawer runners.


Paul is working on the shower room doors, the last big component to be fitted in the stateroom showers.


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