October 12 to 18

There was a hole in a saloon cabinet where a radio was fitted sometime in the past, most likely in the 1950s or 60s. We considered various ideas before deciding to place modern stereo speakers behind this grill (with the same elegant pattern as the air conditioning vents) and fit a small, modern radio in the cabinet beneath.


Kawashima has finished some of the 27 drawers for the cabinets in the various cabins.


Hashimoto is making a cover to hide one of the wrought iron knees in the cabin ceiling (below).



Tatsumi is making fiddles for one of the shelves in the aft cabins that completes the box around the steel engine room bulkhead.



October 19 to 25

Stoppers have been installed in the saloon cabinets to hold the tableware in place.


There are a number of sliding pocket doors that save space but require innovative solutions for installation.


Kawaragi came from Zushi Marina to check the engine, electrical systems and discuss future maintenance and inspection methods.


Tatsumi is adjusting the sliding doors before installation.



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