December 26,2020

Kawashima made this slatted floor for the shower room.


Paul is installing the gimballed dining table in the saloon. The base is all original, and has been restored. We desperately wanted to save the original table top, but unfortunately, the damage was beyond repairing. The new top exactly copied the original using some nicely figured mahogany. We had to remove some material from the underside to accommodate parts of the gimbal mechanism.


Wada, Koiwai and Saito are varnishing the steering gear box, while Koiwai is applying a coat of hard wax oil to the door threshold under the pocket door to the head.



December 27,2020


 Kawashima is checking the drawers and locks that fit under the beds. These are all original and have been carefully restored. New runners have been fitted, but the drawers don’t always fit perfectly into the 95-year-old frames, and need careful fitting.


Tatsumi is making a door for the washroom cabinet.


Hashimoto made a drawer for the aft starboard cabin. It’s for the cabinet at the bunk end.


The completed table in the saloon. The base of the table is secured to the sole with bolts that pass through the feet of the table base into metal plates inserted into the sole. The mahogany box hung below the table conceals around 40kg of lead, which lowers the center of gravity. When the yacht heels, the table stays level. The extra weight lower down adds resistance to that items on the table don’t affect the balance. The table can be locked in any position.


The painting team varnished the deck house top, leaving a mirror finish (below).


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