Friday, May 8

Ian is assisting with the wiring. It’s a massive job, given all the new equipment that needs electricity, and very time consuming.


Chuck and Nat are going back and forth between Cynara and the tent, preparing to attach the boom to the main mast.



Monday, May 11

Lewis (top photo) is working on the hatches that are placed in various places in the sole boards. These are made to gain access for inspection, repair and to check the bilge. They are very practical, but have to be made with the same care as the other parts of the boat so as to be inconspicuous. They are made in various shapes and sizes (above).


On deck, varnishing continues. As the days are getting hotter, the varnish dries faster, so it is a race against time.



Tuesday, May 12

Mattis is working on the mast wedges that secure the base of the mast and keep it central in the deck (as there is a lot of flex in the mast). Self-amalgamating tape will be used for waterproofing, and a leather boot will them be wrapped around the base of the mast.

To make it fit perfectly, it must be made section by section, carefully measuring each piece.


The flooring of the saloon is almost complete.



Thursday, May 14

The weather this week has been clear and sunny most days, so a lot of work on deck is getting done. Mattis is finishing installing the wedges around the base of the masts—adding a layer of polyvinyl acetate (PVA, or wood glue) to the end grain of the wedges to slow down the drying process. They are exposed to the air and sun, and drying too fast would cause them to shrink and/or crack. The glue blocks the pores in the wood, helping it to preserve its natural oils and water.


Kawashima is following Nat’s direction in making the shadow boxes for mounting the navigation lights on the stays on each side of the mast, elevating the lights above the deck to keep them clear of other rigging and to give them greater range of visibility. He is holding a pattern that is being used to make the final boxes, a section that will be painted black so that the navigation lights can be seen from the proper angle by ships in the area. The lights are green, red, and white, and each has its particular direction.


Chuck and Nat installed the boom on the main mast today. Some thought we’d have to use a crane, but Chuck planned to use a halyard to raise it, and it worked perfectly. The gaff and the main sail will be installed next week.


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