December 12

Hashimoto is fitting fiddles on a drawer unit in the starboard guest cabin.


Wada is putting another coat of varnish on one of the two deck tables. This is a job saved for rainy days or days when applying finish in Cynara’s interior can’t be done because of work being done there.



December 13

Hashimoto is making progress on the galley, with the frame for the microwave oven (below) ready to fit when the varnishing is finished.


In the captain’s cabin, Kawashima has finished with the hull lining, and is fitting wooden bungs to hide the screw holes.


Saito is doing touch-up varnish work on the prow.


December 16

Hashimoto has climbed into the hanging locker in the crew’s cabin to install the wooden trunking that will house the air conditioning pipe. A vent will be fitted in the locker top.


Kawashima has almost completed the chests of drawers in the aft cabins.

Each drawer needs a keep cut into the frame for the drawer lock.


Paul and Tatsumi are discussing the layout of the faucet handles in the crew quarter’s washroom. This small space will house a sink, a shower and a toilet, so every centimeter counts.


Fujita, one of the crew members, dropped by to help with the varnishing.



December 17

Sail Training


Weather: Cloudy

Wind conditions: West northwest 2-6 knots

Schedule: Preparation for sailing, Sail setting, Crew position training (8 crew), Sailing in low wind conditions with 7 sails, Tack training



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