Last Thursday, we filled Cynara’s tanks with 1000 liters of fuel. The engine and gearbox are what she had before the restoration, though the engine was sent back to Yanmar for a full rebuild.

On deck, the case covering the gearbox at the helm was installed. With all the interior work going on at once, it is getting crowded on board. Woodwork, painting, engineering, electrical work and varnishing is all taking place, and everyone is operating as efficiently as possible. Each carpenter has his own tasks to focus on, with John and Mattis finishing work on the sofa base in the main saloon. The upholsterers want the bunk and sofa frames to be completed before they start their work, since the mattresses and sofas will be custom-made, and they are eager to get the final measurements.

Yesterday, a day-long storm came through the site, with winds from the north reaching 38 knots. Despite the boat’s movement in the waves, all the craftsmen kept at it: work continued on the drawers for the main saloon, using some detailed joinery techniques.

Tomorrow, Chuck is planning to step the masts, and has been busy with all the preparations. The turnbuckles have been installed for the shrouds, the topmast antenna has been attached and the shrouds are all laid out. Now it will all depend on the weather, which is forecast to be fine in the morning.


The case surrounding the gear box at the helm, with graceful corner curves, has been installed.


The drawers for the main saloon. The fine details of the joinery can be seen below.


The bases of the sofas and berths have to be finished so the upholsterers can make their final measurements for the cushions.


On deck, the turnbuckles for attaching the shrouds are being installed in preparation for the mast stepping, which is planned for tomorrow.



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