July 12, 2020

Today, we had a quick meeting to go over the upcoming schedule. Priorities are made, but we have to juggle jobs depending on the weather and other conditions.


Today, the weather was sunny for the first time in a while, and Kawashima, Saito and Paul worked on the deck, installing more of the chafe strips and rub rails. There are quite a few of these to do.


The old drawers were placed under the bunk in the midship starboard cabin to check the fit before restoration.


Today’s interior decoration situation. This cabinet has been installed and is awaiting the drawers which are being worked on in the tent. The weather forecast calls for more rain tomorrow. Ugh.



July 14, 2020

Pattresses (wooden boards for mounting fittings) for the many cabin lights are being cut and sanded.


It was raining again today, so Paul and three other carpenters were stuck in the tent. It’s looking empty and quiet compared to two weeks ago, when the whole team was still here and it was a beehive of activity.


Makoto is varnishing the interior windows in the aft starboard cabin. These look out onto the deckhouse floor, and will have translucent glass installed for privacy, while letting much appreciated daylight into the cabin.

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